A web service API, based on REST, has been provided, to facilitate integration of Arelle with applications in other environments, such as Excel and Java. 

This API is provided as a prototype for feedback, and expected to evolve according to user needs.  (See Documentation: API, Web Service.)

The web server in included in the standard distribution, and may run on the user’s local machine (so that no remote connection or remote host is involved).

2011-01-25: factTable has been added as a view option (equivalent to the GUI fact table view, not the rendering linkbase). 

2011-01-26: QuickBooks support of General Ledger, Journal, and Trial Balance has been added for XBRL-GL.


2 Responses to Web Service API

  1. Brian says:

    This sounds great, i’ve looked at arelle in the past never got far into it. Is it able to parse, validate and create documents given any XBRL taxonomy based on the XBRL 2.1 standard? Or I need to add one of these parts myself?

    Working with a webserver based solution woudl make uptake easier if it can do all of the above.


    • admin says:

      1) yes, Arelle can parse and validate documents given any XBRL 2.1 taxonomy

      2) to create documents, there are many options. For the Eurofiling table linkbase, there is an ability to use table linkbase forms to create documents. The API can also create documents (but this is much more involved). An ability to import GL from Quickbooks will also be provided in the web service API. Please e-mail support@arelle.org, about your specific expectation on creating documents.

      3) Webserver facilities are provided for integration (see documentation, API web services), but this has not (yet) included creation facilities.

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