An initial implementation of US Corporate Actions validation (for DTCC) is available in a plug-in under examples/plugin/ (Plug-ins are installed by the dialog help menu -> manage plug-in’s.) These should mirror the xbrl-us testing recommendations, but as we lack any test suite or decent examples, there’s likely to be initial glitches.

(This taxonomy is for submittal to DTCC, so SEC EFM validation is not appropriate. If the plug-in is installed, validation looks for the presence of the corp action taxonomy in the DTS and if so, validates corresponding fact items.)

Please provide any feedback issues via the issue reporting system, or email to

Test cases (or suites), files that don’t report same issues as with other CorpAction checkers, are welcomed (please use atlassian or support email).


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  1. Satish says:

    Hi Fischer, I tested the plugin against one of the corporate actions got the below validation result, which is expected. I will test against more files and get back to you. I will also test the stopWebservice command.
    Part of the validation result:

    2012-11-13 14:35:49,733 [US-CA.noMoreThanOnOption.16b] In those cases where multiple tax rates are defined the highest rate typically represents the payout rate associated with the corporate action to the clearing and settlement organization. The first option should represent the distribution made for settlement. In this case the withholding tax rate for option 1 is 0.0. This is not the maximium withholding rate assoicated with the action which is 0.22. Make the payout with the highest withholding rate the first option. – 48268K101_KT_012.xml 817, 877

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