The current Arelle code supports the PWD 2013-05-17 (current) version of Table Linkbase. For a limited time deprecated code remains for: 2013-01-13 PWD, 2011 (“Montreal”), and 2010 (“Eurofiling”) syntaxes.

This is notice that Arelle will support the Table Linkbase specification which is current, and will discontinue support of prior versions.  (Prior downloads are at

During development of the Table Linkbase specification, multiple draft versions were supported for early users.  The specification has matured, become more focused, and is moving toward Recommendation status.

A goal of open source is to provide a clear understandable implementation; code with multiple early versions is cluttered and difficult to understand.  Prior source will remain accessible through gitHub. 

(Projects requiring support of prior versions may consider contractual arrangements.)


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