MacOS Python update 2014-01-27: we’ve updated the tck/tk installation for Mavericks. Please e-mail if this isn’t working for you.

EBA users update 2014-01-27: we’ve updated features used by formula for interval arithmetic, and think it’s now working, as well as showing labels and messages (terseMessage, etc) as used by EBA’s taxonomy. Again, please e-mail if there are examples that need attention.

MacOS Python update 2013-12-01: we’ve given up on the py2app App builder and switched to cx_Freeze (same as used on Windows and linux/unix).  Please test the new MacOS download on your platform, this is a completely new build using a new package.

(Prior builds are in the archives, linked from the downloads page)

The web pages documenting command line and GUI operation have been updated with plug-in information, particularly for the xbrlDB database loaders for multiple database products and two schemas.

For EBA table linkbase users, taxonomy package is now supported, you no longer need to mess with the cache to get the EBA distributed releases properly redirecting using the taxonomyPackage or Oasis catalog manifests.

Please provide feedback to, to the arelle user group linked on the download page, or by adding comments and issues to the Jira bug tracker (

Open Jira issues relevant to the main changes are:

ARELLE 286 – MacOS Mavericks Build Broken
ARELLE 283 – xbrlDB Add SQL Abstract Model Support
ARELLE 255 – COREP Tables z dimensions issue (note that there are a few more COREP tables issues in progress)


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