The updates of 2013-03-27 incorporate U.S. SEC Edgar updates for compatibility with their test suite web page. The doc subdirectory of the zip file contains an html file of the corresponding (v.27) Edgar tests. The SEC is in the process of testing these and arranging release dates. IFRS is not anticipated to be approved for this release (so it is blocked in the efm-pragmatic and efm-strict Disclosure System settings, only available for experimentation in the efm-*-all-years option. The edgartaxonomies.xml file is now the one in the lib directory of the above zip file, but the prior one is still in Arelle’s config directory (named -2013).

Table linkbase rendering has been updated to adjust row header wide labels to squeeze down to leave room for some data columns, and to readjust as the width of the windows is resized.


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