The SEC facts table view has been updated to have a table index and facts table appearance similar to table linkbase views (only when tools->validation->select disclosure system choses any of the SEC modes; but not necessary to check off for disclosure system checks to view these facts tables). The index is organized like the SEC Rendering engine output, however tables have dimensional disaggregation in columns instead of below in rows, and flow-through suppression is not yet available.

A new plugin “” adds EBA and EIOPA Filer Manuals validation (just the filer manual checks, not data checks). When this plugin is loaded the tools->validation->select disclosure system dialog has EBA and EIOPA options. They can also be used from the command line.

Mac operation has been tested on Yosemite (apologies again for prior delay at Mavericks release).

Other changes are noted in the atlassian and gitHub logs.


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