The download files of 2015-11-16 (Windows and Mac) have an integrated EdgarRenderer. Validation for all disclosure systems is by plug-in configurations, managed by help->manage plug-ins.

Validation by the validate/EFM plug-in meets the new renderer-based SEC validations in the test suite posted on SEC website public test suite. New tests for EFM.6.12.6-9 and EFM.6.26 require the EdgarRenderer plugin to be enabled.

As a side benefit, Arelle provides the rendering view that the SEC website is expected to produce shortly (with their upcomming release corresponding to their newest test suite).

For EdgarRenderer GUI operation, select the EdgarRenderer plugin. The default view behavior is to open a browser with all reports in one view. A menu of view tables (as on the SEC website) can be selected by View->EdgarRenderer->show menu (but on Windows requires relaxed browser security settings).

For command line operations, until we have a chance to finish testing and documenting, please refer to comments in Edgar Renderer/

The source code for this build is the gitHub arelle master branch, and the EdgarRenderer edgr154 branch (installed to arelle/plugin/EdgarRenderer).

Please provide feedback and comments to, the issue tracker at, and the google group arelle-users.


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