The December 20, 2016 builds for Mac and Windows 64 bit represent major new functionality.

For SEC EDGAR filers, the SEC EDGAR Redering Engine is included in the builds.  Activate by help->manage plugins, select EdgarRenderer, and activate an SEC validation (such as EFM-pragmatic-all-years).  Rendering output can be saved on disk, viewed in browser, or returned by web service results.

For Data Quality Consortium (DQC) validation the initial US SEC rules are included in the builds.  To use, select the DQC plugin (help->manage plugins, select validate/DQC), and activate an SEC validation (such as EFM-pragmatic-all-years).

For Table Linkbase users, this version integrates Acsone’s implementation of table rendering using TkTable.  Performance improvement is significant, and graphical interfaces provide QName labels and improvements for open tables.  Select an EIOPA or EBA taxonomy package (using help->manage packages) for faster performance.

For command line users, the plugin and package configurations no longer couple GUI choices to command line usage, so command line is independent of GUI options.


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