SEC’s upcoming EDGAR Filer Manual draft is to be in production June 10th, Arelle is updated to the final code (disclosure system efm-preview is removed and efm-pragmatic is updated to 19.2). GitHub source code for Arelle and EdgarRenderer projects (branches edgr19.2 correspond). Much of the Arelle EFM coding for validations has been replaced by a table-driven approach to match the tables in the new EFM draft.

ESEF inline XBRL can now be viewed with the SEC inline viewer. Suggested steps:
1) help->manage plugins->[select] EdgarRenderer
2) help->manage plugins->[select] validate/ESMA
3) file->open (or any other report package zip)
4) select the Instance in dialog and open it
5) SEC inline viewer is launched locally (if on PC, Edge/Safari may be better than IE)
(For faster loading, suggest help->manage packages->[locally]


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