Workiva is pleased to announce it has stepped into the role of steward of Arelle to ensure the ongoing maintenance and improvement of Arelle as a valuable open source XBRL model validation platform.

Workiva is committed to keeping Arelle freely available as an open source tool for all users, exactly as it always has been.

Users can expect business as usual, with the added bonuses of investments to improve the performance and versatility of Arelle.

  • Arelle remains the same free access, open source platform for XBRL validation.
  • Arelle stays Arelle, separate and distinct from Workiva and its products.
  • is still the URL.
  • Your input and questions will still be addressed – email them to

Look for future announcements as we implement enhancements to improve the overall Arelle experience.

In the meantime, should you have questions, please reach out to us at


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