If you’re a regular visitor to the Arelle website then you will have noticed that the blog is still active. As well as the short updates on the latest Arelle code releases and downloads we’ll also be keeping you updated, and asking you for feedback, on the improvements we’re making and plan to make.

To start with we’ll be focussing on improving the infrastructure around Arelle, starting by including automated validation of test suite conformance as part of a general move to standard CI/CD principles. Obviously we’re also continuing with ‘business as normal’ to keep Arelle up to date with the most recent publications of regulatory rules and guidelines and changes to the XBRL specifications.

If you have any suggestions for longer-term improvements or don’t see a much- demanded update for your country or regulator listed below then please do get in touch or get involved!

How to get involved

As well as the technical updates we’ve also updated our contribution guidelines and encourage you to get involved. Whether it’s to ask a question, report an issue, or address it yourself with a pull request, we appreciate your feedback and have begun accepting contributions from the community wherever we can.

If you’re interested in being involved even more, Arelle is looking for experienced XBRL developers to join our team full time. We have some exciting improvements on the roadmap and could use help from XBRL experts like you! Send any inquiries to support@arelle.org.

What we’ve been up to

  • Improved performance of Formula validations
  • Added NCA-specific validations for ESEF (if you need the details you can find them here)
  • Added support for UKSEF (an extension of the ESEF taxonomy used in the UK)
  • Updated to the US SEC Edgar Filing Manual (EFM) version 22.1
  • Support for Transformation Registry 5
  • Support for candidate recommendation Calculations 1.1
  • Resolved various bugs thanks to contributions from several community members. Thank you!

What’s up next


The Arelle Team


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