Objectmaker® visualization is an Arelle plug-in which draws diagrams from XBRL linkbases and the XBRL DTS.

The current supported diagram styles are UML and XBRL 2.1 base specification.

UML arcroles supported form a graph between concepts:

  • http://xbrl.us/arcrole/Inheritance:  Source inherits target (open triangle on source).
  • http://xbrl.us/arcrole/Aggregation:  Source aggregates target (open diamond on source).
  • http://xbrl.us/arcrole/Composition:  Source is composed of target (filled diamond on source).
  • http://xbrl.us/arcrole/Property:  Source concept has target property (property in bottom section of source rectangle symbol with + mark and data type indicated.

XBRL 2.1 base specification diagram styles are:

  • dts:  Presents the graph of XBRL 2.1 discovery from the entry point document (DTS).
  • pre:  Graph of standard presentation relationships.
  • cal:  Graph of standard calculation relationships.
  • def:  Graph of standard definition relationships.
  • anc:  Graph of wider-narrower relationships.

To run from the command line, to produce a DTS graph for entry point example.xbrl and view it in the default pdf-viewer:

{path-to-arelle}arelle --plugin objectmaker 
  -f {path-to-example}/example.xbrl 
  --save-diagram {where-to-save}/myDtsDiagram.pdf 
  --diagram-network dts


The plugin requires that graphviz® be installed on the platform.  Click here for download link. For Windows it is suggested to use the “Stable Windows Install Packages”, then click for 10/cmake/Release/x64. After installing, the command “dot -Tpdf” (or arelle) might fail with “pdf not recognized”, if this occurs run “dot -c” in an admin windows shell or with sudo on linux.

Objectmaker® is a registered trademark of Mark V Systems Limited and distributed as part of Arelle under the Apache 2 license.

Graphviz® is a registered trademark of AT&T and distributed under the Eclipse license.


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