We’re excited about the improvements we’ve made to Arelle this month. To start off, we’ve made significant performance improvements to Formula, with validations for reported documents running 30% to as much as 95% faster! Let us know what you think, as performance improvements continue to be a focus for the team.

This month’s work highlights the significant contributions being made by our community. To begin with, the Acsone team completed ESEF SVG and CSS scanning. In addition, Paul Warren made several improvements to the Arelle iXBRL Viewer, including load time performance improvements and adding in a stub viewer mode.

We also made performance improvements to lxml iXBRL schema validations, added JPEG detection for new Photoshop exports (SEC and ESEF), added support for the EDGAR 23.1.1 update and added SVG fragment handling for ESEF.

Lastly, we improved accessibility by adding a command line option to run Arelle without disk write access, made bug fixes for Python 3.7 compatibility and added the ability to run the XBRL 2.1 suite on all OS and Python combinations in CI.


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