We announced this month that the inline XBRL viewer that Workiva and Paul Warren created and open sourced back in 2019 was being rebranded as the Arelle iXBRL Viewer. This change makes a lot of sense. Not only has the viewer always been open sourced and free to use, it is a key component of ensuring XBRL is accessible which goes hand in hand with Arelle’s mission to “standardize business reporting by facilitating the global adoption of XBRL”. The Arelle team is excited to formally make this change. Look for major improvements to the viewer as we continue to work toward that mission.

This month Arelle viewer improvements include fixing filtering bugs, improving the summary view in narrow layouts and adding in a download link for the original filings.

Arelle platform improvements include support for the EDGAR 23.2 release, ESEF JPEG detection improvements, macOS notarization updates, IXDS target selection bug fixes and fixing an infinite recursion bug relating to dimension validations.


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